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Xibo Xinjiang Restaurant Moves Into The Springs

Xibo – this popular and unique Xinjiang restaurant has officially moved into The Springs. It will open the doors to Xibo culture and food for all by preparing dishes of delicious Xibo food. If you happen to equate Xibo with the typical "large, homestyle portions", "rustic" and "beef and lamb" Xinjiang cuisine, then you are in for a surprise with Xibo’s perfect fusion of Xibo ethnic cuisine with modern, refined and urban concepts, which tantalize your taste buds and exhibit the unique charm of Xibo culture.

Four years ago, Xibo first settled in Shanghai. Now it is moving into The Springs in New Jiangwan Town. The mix of ethnic and modern style in the original location has provided a pleasant change of atmosphere. This time around, the new location retains elements of the original style, while adding more innovative interpretations of Xibo ethnic style. Words such as "bright" and "handicraft" are key focal points in the design concept. The first thing that catches the eye is none other than Xibo’s iconic air-dry wall. The giant 5.4m x 7.56m design gives people a strong visual impact, paired with a screen engraved in Xibo script that transports you to an exotic setting. Upon entering the restaurant, the 12m x 5.4m map of the Xibo’s "Westward Migration" directly hits your eyes. The map marks all the routes of Xibo’s ancestral movement by foot from Shenyang to Ili since 1764. The owner concentrates the 250 year history of the Xibo Westward Migration in a map over 10 meters to exhibit the indelible historical tracks and rich cultural sediments of the Xibo people. Forming tremendous contrast is another bright spot in the restaurant: embroideries of Xibo ethnic totem symbols filling the entire wall. Vibrant rich colors and vivid details allow you to experience the unbridled enthusiasm of this ethnic minority. Looking up, handmade iron wire gourd lamps replace the original paper ones, representing sincere wishes of good luck and happiness. Extending the line of vision, scrolls of Xibo proverbs are faintly discernible, enabling you to immerse yourself into pure Xibo culture.

“Big plate chicken" with hand pulled noodles and potato

Roasted marinated lamb rack with assorted nuts

Xibonese style pan fried dumpling stuffing with beef, pumpkin and spring onion

Xibonese Susskind 

After appreciating the design, food is of course the focus of Xibo cuisine. Apart from the original signature dishes (such as  fried dumpling stuffing with beef, pumpkin and spring onion, Xibonese Susskind), the new location also presents its own unique take on “hospitality”. All ingredients are homegrown on the owner’s farm in Xinjiang to not only maintain the authenticity of the dishes but also to assure quality. “Organic Xinjiang “Big plate chicken" with hand pulled noodles and potato” is cooked by meticulously stewing Xinjiang free-rage chicken with spices, accompanied by handmade belt noodles. The mouth not only takes in the chicken, but also inhales the broth, which has an incomparable smooth and fresh taste. If you are a fan of pungently spicy food, you should not miss out on the "Roasted marinated lamb rack with assorted nuts ". Catalyzed with pepper and cumin from Xinjiang, the fragrance of the premium lamb slowly permeates the room; the spicy flavor of the food gently overtakes you. Accompanied by the scent of Bada wood and chickpeas, it is an ensemble of exceptionally nutty and meaty flavors. Of course, the "thin-skinned dumplings" only available in the new location is a fine selection. Quality lamb simply seasoned with salt, pepper, onion and steamed using the simplest methods with the greatest annotations – a perfect return to the fresh and pure feelings of the original ingredients.

In addition, the New Jiangwan Town location has extended its bar length to 7.2 meters. You can enjoy afternoon tea or happy hour with friends to the melodious music of live bands on site. It’s all for you to lose yourself in the experience of the Xibo ethnic group in a modern setting. As the owner, Guo Xinrui has said: “There are many interpretations of Xinjiang cuisine, and the type Xibo wants to be is cultured Xinjiang cuisine.”

Xibo (The Springs) address: 1F, The Springs Center No. 5, No. 99 Jiangwancheng Road, Yangpu District  (Close to Songhu Road)

Business Hours: 11:00 am – 9:30 pm (closed on Sundays)

Average cost per person: Lunch RMB 40-60    

Average cost per person: Dinner RMB 80-150

T: +86 21 55886116

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